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October 25, 2019

Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Quick cleaning is essential in the summer; in case you’re entertaining or simply trying to get out the door and to the pool, having a plan and cleaning supplies that clean more effectively is important. Keep supplies handy and at the ready in the kitchen – stash your favorite all-purpose cleaner, baking soda for scrubbing, […]

kitchen cleaning tips
May 14, 2019

Kitchen Makeover Ideas on a Budget

Renovations are some of the most expensive home projects you will have to carry out at least once in your lifetime. Especially if it’s your kitchen the needs updating, you have to be ready to fork out a huge chunk of your life-savings. Renovating your kitchen doesn’t always have to be a top dollar project […]

Home improvement ideas
December 21, 2018

When to Consider Using Roof Inspection and Maintenance Services

No matter how sturdy your roof may seem, it is still susceptible to damage because it is completely exposed to the elements. Just as you need an annual physical to make sure you are not developing any kind of illness, your roof needs regular inspection and maintenance to prevent existing damage from spreading. Here are […]

July 25, 2018

Home improvement ideas and DIY projects

  Paint your floors- Give some life to your floor and your house by adding or changing the colour of your floor. Painting the floor might just be the right solution if you do not have enough budget for a new covering. Install new counter-tops- As complicated as this may sound, you can find several […]

July 25, 2018

Cleve Interior Designing tricks to transform your home

  Paint lighter colours to help make the room feel larger- The living room is a great case of how to amplify a little living space. A room of a small size tends to appear to be confined, however the huge windows, light shaded dividers and adequate utilization of mirrors not just reflects the regular […]

Cleve Interior Designing
May 29, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions about Siding Installation Work

FAQ about Siding Installation and Their Most Accurate Answers Siding is a great addition to your home’s exterior. Not only is it capable of adding flare to your rather boring façade, but it may also function as an extra shield against the elements. Having siding installed on your home or building, however, is no simple […]

Home improvement ideas