July 25, 2018

Home improvement ideas and DIY projects


  • Paint your floors- Give some life to your floor and your house by adding or changing the colour of your floor. Painting the floor might just be the right solution if you do not have enough budget for a new covering.
  • Install new counter-tops- As complicated as this may sound, you can find several fun, innovative and comparatively cheaper way to replace your existing counter tops with some new and fun DIY ones.
  • Try power washing- Try pressure washing outside areas such as garages, deck, porch, drive ways, sidings if the need a very efficient form of cleaning. Pressure washers are available for rent.
  • Build a fire pit- Winter evenings call for social event around the fire. With another fire pit in the lawn, you can take your gathering outside — and even appreciate some simmered marshmallows or barbequed chicken in company with the nice ambience built by the fire place.
  • Install crown moulding- Nothing spruces up a room very like crown shaping. It includes character and style, and it’s so natural to introduce. Try crown moulding for your roof to add some shine and glow to your rooms.
  • Add fairy lights- Add fairy lights around the picture frames or around the bar counter to give a fresh new look for your show pieces. Fairy lights bring in an element of pleasantness and prettiness.
  • Refinish old furniture- There’s no DIY venture that gives you an incredible value for your money like restoring old furniture. On what are generally very expensive pieces in your home, you can give it a significant crisp look by changing its colour.


  • Build wood shelves- Show photos, nick-knacks, and extraordinary things on excellent drifting wooden shelves that you’ve constructed yourself! This is extraordinary for the kitchen, family room, or even in the pantry and are completely easy to make at home.
  • Second furniture to the rescue- On the off chance that you want to invest energy at the neighbourhood swap meet or spend your initial mornings at yard deals you recognize what sort of awesome things you can get on used furniture. Individuals are for the most part hoping to get out some stuff out of their home, and you can save a lot. Here and there your finds will require some affection however.
  • Use stair runners- Add stair runner to your staircases for protecting you and your stairs from harsh usage and falling. These runner will also give your stairs a fresh and colour look, instead the same old one shaded-colour on the staircase.
  • Paint your patio tiles- Try painting a few tiles in your patio to give your house a fresh new and colour look. This helps you play out with your creativity.
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