May 14, 2019

Kitchen Makeover Ideas on a Budget

Renovations are some of the most expensive home projects you will have to carry out at least once in your lifetime. Especially if it’s your kitchen the needs updating, you have to be ready to fork out a huge chunk of your life-savings. Renovating your kitchen doesn’t always have to be a top dollar project though. There are numerous inexpensive ways to remodel a kitchen that you can try so you don’t have to worry much about how it will affect your family financially down the road.

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Hire a Kitchen Designer and Renovator

While this may seem inconsistent with the idea of saving money, it’s actually the most economical way to go about your kitchen remodelling. Hiring a professional kitchen remodelling company like East West Kitchens will not only make the job easier and faster, but it will also help you avoid making expensive errors. Even if you pore over thousands of resources on the Internet, the knowledge and skills you will amass would still pale in comparison to that of a licensed professional builder. Don’t wait for problems to arise before you realise that going DIY on such a complicated home project isn’t worth it.

Choose Design Elements that Last

You want your kitchen to match your personality and lifestyle. After all, it’s your kitchen and you will be the one to use it every day. Having said that, being too personal with the design of your kitchen has its fair share of drawbacks. One is that custom choices often get old fast. This year they may look amazing but as new design ideas come out and go trending, they can become less interesting the following year. It’s not about following trends, but it’s about making sure your kitchen won’t look obsolete too quickly. To give you a good sense of what it means to have lasting design elements, take cabinet handles and pulls for example. While animal or jewellery themed designs look cute, they can’t really keep up for long. Minimalistic designs are a better bet because they fit all kinds of themes.

Paint before Replace

Cabinets are among the most conspicuous elements in your kitchen, and they are the fastest aging ones, too. Once their paint begins to fade or peel off, glass panes become foggy, and hinges look rusty, you immediately get tempted to replace them with new ones. Installing new cabinets, although a great idea, can significantly increase the cost of your renovation. It would be smart to consider painting your old cabinets first and see if it does the trick. In most cases, repainting not only restores the faded beauty of kitchen cabinets, but it also allows you to choose a colour that goes perfectly with the overall theme.

Make Some Appliances Double as Accessories

We tend to declutter our kitchen by stashing small appliances in the cabinets and drawers. What we are missing out on is the fact that some of these small items may actually have some aesthetic functions. For instance, your toaster and mixer can create a counterpoise in an excessively simplistic ambiance, especially if they come in eye-catching colours. This means that if you are planning to replace old appliances with new ones as part of the kitchen remodelling project, you may consider choosing colours that complement with the whole design.

Keep the Kitchen’s Layout

Shuffling elements in your kitchen may seem a good idea for a makeover but it’s actually very expensive. Moving the counter or center piece even a few inches from its original position, for instance, takes a lot of work. Not only will you need to unfix it from the floor but the area it will vacate will have to be refinished as well. Also, when you move one element, others have to follow to achieve a balanced layout, and that could take a long time and a great deal of money to accomplish. Therefore, it’s advisable to maintain the original layout and just concentrate on improving its appearance, especially if it’s already efficient.

Be Creative with Lighting

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when they are designing their kitchen is choosing dim lighting, thinking it creates a suitable ambiance. In truth, kitchens are so much better with lights that give a bright, warm, and welcoming feel. Thankfully, this can be achieved even if you don’t spend a lot on new lighting. Apart from the fact that there are cheaper lookalike of the lighting brands you know would fit the bill, you may also choose to put up a skylight in the kitchen. That will save you a great deal on money in the long run.

There are countless other kitchen makeover ideas on a budget that you can explore. If you hire a reputable contractor, they might let you in on their own proven and tested low budget kitchen remodel ideas. They also know where to get high-quality materials at low cost so you don’t have to hunt down a bargain to save money only to spend more on future repair. Knowing that they are reputable, you can also expect great workmanship that definitely gives you a run for your money.

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